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Saturday, 9 February 2008


Well, there's Hugh Laurie. Then there's Robert Sean Leonard and the sizzling Lisa Edelstein. I really don't need to go on.

However, my incorrigible shipping tendencies have become all confused and muddled since watching the last two episodes of House, because I can't work out who has the best chemistry; House and Wilson, or House and Cuddy.

Take a look. I would add a third (Wilson and Cuddy) but, quite frankly, this cropping and chopping of videos has really strained my mad techno-skillz. I'll leave it at this. For now.


Jace said...

Oh, I love House! *grin* But by the time it gets to my satellite TV, it's a couple of weeks old. As for the chemistry thingy, I'm inclined toward House and Cuddy. *grin* She has more bite than Wilson.

Meriam said...

But Wilson is really stepping up this season. I could watch him with House for hours. They really click.

That said, Cuddy certainly has more bite (and boobs!) Lisa Edelstein is so cool. Plus, am I reading too much into it or is there more of a zing between them this season? Honestly, all this shipping.. it's like reading tea leaves.

Jace, I'm in the UK, so we haven't even got season 4 of House yet. Best not to ask how I obtain my fix...