Elmore Leonard said: I have a character in one of my books tell how she used to write historical romances ''full of rape and adverbs.''

Sunday, 11 April 2010



When Patience came through the post this morning, it was quite literally the culmination of 5 years of waiting.

Seriously! I remember reading its predecessor Passion at university. Which was quite some time ago.

What I remember about Passion was the aggressively purple prose, all that humping behind the scenes at the Great Exhibition and – despite everything I say that might indicate otherwise– how much I enjoyed it.

So I looked up Patience (there was quite a titillating excerpt at the end of Passion). And waited for its release. And waited.

And waited.

I know, it’s a bit of joke, but it’s great Valdez got her groove back. And whether or not Patience lives up to the great weight of expectation I’m still glad I’ve got the chance to read it. Finally.