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Saturday, 28 March 2009


Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has gone back to the floor, working in a company warehouse (or 'fulfillment center'...) for a week.

According to The Guardian:

And you know what Amazon is like about work in its warehouses. Back in April 2001, the Guardian noted that the retailer had been accused of running "the worst of old economy working practices" by staff in the UK...

...the issue surfaced again last Christmas, when the Sunday Times reported that staff at the same location - Marston Gate near Milton Keynes - were required to work seven days a week and "punished" for being ill (where staff with a sick note received a "penalty" point; six points meant dismissal). The quotas for packing - 140 items an hour, which is only slightly below the 5 items per two minutes of 2001. Collecting items for packing can mean walking up to 14 miles during a shift.

Now, I've been wondering if my anti-Amazon stance, which includes total boycott of the store, was a little extreme. This article has firmed my resolve for a little longer. Thanks!


Tumperkin said...

Every time I click on your blog and see this post I feel guilty about my Amazon habit. Could you maybe put up a picture of a cat doing something humorous instead?

Meriam said...

I've got to do something for the Gab tonight, but a review will follow shortly! No cute cats, I'm afraid. I love them, but there are too many cats on the internet.

Maybe a ferret?