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Monday, 13 April 2009


Over the weekend, thousands of books have lost their sales rank – the number that Amazon uses to show how well one title sells compared with another – as the company apparently seeks to make its bestseller lists more family friendly.

But thousands of users have voiced concern after the seemingly random application of the new rules not only affected a number of high-profile authors, including Annie Proulx, EM Forster and Jeanette Winterson, but also led to thousands of gay and lesbian titles being stripped of their sales rank, regardless of their sexual content.

This family friendly approach has also impacted romance and erotica authors.

So. To anyone out there still thinking of buying from Amazon - why?! There are alternatives.

Some other things:

Smart Bitches googlebomb Amazon.

Of course, DA and the Smart Bitches are amongst those leading the charge against this, the latest in a string of Amazon-related scandals (and are, thrillingly, linked to in this Guardian article).

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Kate said...

"Family friendly" is always such a pretty way to say "censorship." Thanks for reminding me even moreso why Amazon is evil.